Can You Read My Shirt

A dear friend of mine had posted the cutest shirt to my Facebook timeline and I bought it. I thought it would be a fun shirt to wear on my first Thursday for this school year that I would be volunteering in the classroom. I had met all of the students on their first day when Jenna and I went to the classroom to take 1st day of 1st grade pictures. Now it was their fourth day in class and I was still a stranger. I thought the shirt would help.

Kc wearing her Mother of Cats shirt
Mother of Cats

I stood in the front of the classroom and asked them if they could read my shirt? Thirty 1st graders can get so excited! Three or four of them burst out “Monster of Cats”! I couldn’t help laughing as another student raised her hand – I know! “Mother of Cats”. That shirt will forever be my Monster of Cats shirt!

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Kc volunteers in a 1st grade classroom each week.

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