About Kc

A tired Cat in the HatMy name is Kc and for many years I volunteered at my Granddaughter’s Elementary School.  Volunteering meant I was on campus often and that meant extra hugs from my Granddaughter!

Two of the things I loved doing most were pretending to be The Cat in the Hat and being the Book Fair-ie at some of the Book Fairs.  When my Granddaughter left elementary school I really missed all of this involvement.

So On November 9th of 2016 I reached out to my favorite 1st grade teacher at that school and asked her if she could use a volunteer in the classroom to help with reading. She replied YES! Now I must also explain that I have a wonderful Aunt in Michigan who will soon turn 93. For the last 15+ years she has walked to the local elementary school to help students with their reading. She is an amazing person full of energy but sadly her eye sight has started to fail. I thought it would be great if I could take up the cause in her honor! You can read more about My Favorite Volunteer here.

I thought it would be fun to write down some of the crazy stories that I have been hearing. I hope you enjoy them and let me encourage you if you have a little extra time — go help a teacher! The rewards are wonderful.